Thursday, July 5, 2012

"le petit supplément d'âme ..."

This week we had the pleasure to read Manon Libert's article about Gabriele Vintage. What a revelation! Finally someone manages to transcribe with maestria the unusual chemistry that surrounds the boutique. I let you discover what it is by yourself here.
But as a clue, i'll say that you can't bring such a smooth result as Gabriele does without any hard work. Behind every piece of clothes you have hours of patience, know-how and care for a job well done. Don't forget !

P.S: And don't forget either to come to our little VIP gig given by the Laptop Cats this afternoon!!

Interlude Musical

Just to let you know that Gabriele will host the Laptop Cats again this afternoon at 6pm, rue des Chartreux. For those who missed it at Christmas, it's now or never!

And by the way it's sales time!