Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Wonder Window Show

Hi every one!

We had an amazing afternoon at the beginning of the summer inviting some of our friends to experience with vintage. They picked up their outfits by themselves to show us their particular style, instead of being dressed up. Check it out!


Here is the perfect dress to welcome autumn. It is still light and fresh, yet it introduces the typical bronish and red colours of a lovely september ending. It is knitted in white and embroided on the bust. and has puffy sleeves.

Price: 60€
Size: 36-38 european size

Monday, August 12, 2013


This a pretty 70's dress, perfect for chilly summer evenings or bright autumn weather. The fabric is cotton net with typical seventies pattern in dark brown and ecru. The collar, parts of the shoulders, pockets and sleeves are made of ecru structured cotton.

The belt we used for the photo is not the original one (which is very similar). We preferred to enhance the silhouette by taking a darker color. This belt is crocodile leather with a golden buckle.

We suggest you to wear this dress with pumps or boots.

Price: 65€
Size: 38-40 european size

Belt: 35€