Thursday, March 29, 2012

the morning after

So as you know we had a little thing going on the 17th of March. And as I know you are dying to see the photos we made of the event and to read the official report (for the little minority that couldn't make it).

First let me tell you it's really impressive. Can you imagine? 300 people all in vintage? Like if you were stuck in the middle of a time travel. You have to experience this one day. I know some people have a "to do list before I die", put it on the list you wont regret. Fact is, as we were the last ones to pass, we had plenty of time to observe what was going on. Basically you had three main attractions: the make up artists, the photoshoot and the actual show on the stage. So you would have your face made up by professionals (all dressed in a blue stewardess suit in the 50's style to stick to the theme by the way), then run to the photo set where a piano gently stood for your one and only pleasure. But don't be afraid, we made sure he was treated with respect. He's ok. Meanwhile a dance class was given by our two astonishing moderators to make sure you know how to groove when Slick Nick & The Casino Special hit the spot.
 And of course, the best for the end, our "défilé". The ones who were there had the pleasure to have a quick and full overview of the main fashion currents of the past century, with accessories, hair style and clothing. No need to say you can find all the apparel and more at the boutique Gabriele Vintage.

Well, on these wise words I wish you a wonderful week end and wish to see you at the boutique.

click here to see the photos

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ready steady go go go

   You are probably wondering why Gabriele Vintage's staff has all of a sudden turn into vintage fashion icons, aren't you ? Let me tell you the truth, the truth about life in general, by quoting a woman that has always been a great source of inspiration to me, namely Pocahontas: "we are all connected to each other, In a circle, in a hoop that never ends". The main information to pic here is "it's all connected". The initial question being "why are they all dressed up for a photoshooting?" and my clue being "it's all connected", if you do the mix on your own and look right at the next post you will find ... THE DEFILÉ FOR RADIO MODERN! yes !
  We are so caring that we made you a foretaste of what you will see at the party, and as you can see from the result, it was pretty funny to fool around in vintage clothing. Ans since everything is connected, there's no reason it shouldn't be as funny at the party on the 17th.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A swingah didu, a swingah didi


We've been a bit out of the picture, but we're coming back with some great news for you! Here it comes : on March the 17th you HAVE to save the date, and book your tickets for Brussels now if it's not done! Why? Really, you know me, if I tell you so, you should trust me blindly without any doubt or questions. But I'm going to tease you a bit. So here's what I say:

Radio Modern invites you all to rock(or should I say swing) the place at La Tentation on Saturday the 17th. There will be blood mucha fiesta, musik by Slick Nick & The Casino Special, good mood aaaaaand A VINTAGE FASHION SHOW exclusevely with Gabriele! Isn't it wonderfull? I know. Told you so.

If you want more infos, ask our host: on FB or on their website