Monday, December 12, 2011

Music, Lili, and the Stollen

Here they are, the Laptop Cats, dismissing Lili from her favorite place (yes, you know her, Lili is our laziest mannequin,  she lays there like the one and only queen and waits for some gentlemen to fulfil her wishes, but let's get back to our Jazzy Sunday). You missed quite a thing if you couldn't make it all the way to 27, rue des Chartreux! First, the band composed by Garance, Robin, Simon, Miko and Thanas, charming and groovy as always. Secondly, the atmosphere of course! It was like entering a warm and timeless place where all the troubles were just left at the door, in order to enjoy the familiar sound of cool music and christmas laughter (sigh). And last but not least, the "mini Stollen" you could find nearly everywhere, no doubt they were the subtil touch that made the difference. Clearly the stars of the day, to the disadvantage of Lili. But as we see, she did find some followers anyway ;)

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