Thursday, March 1, 2012

A swingah didu, a swingah didi


We've been a bit out of the picture, but we're coming back with some great news for you! Here it comes : on March the 17th you HAVE to save the date, and book your tickets for Brussels now if it's not done! Why? Really, you know me, if I tell you so, you should trust me blindly without any doubt or questions. But I'm going to tease you a bit. So here's what I say:

Radio Modern invites you all to rock(or should I say swing) the place at La Tentation on Saturday the 17th. There will be blood mucha fiesta, musik by Slick Nick & The Casino Special, good mood aaaaaand A VINTAGE FASHION SHOW exclusevely with Gabriele! Isn't it wonderfull? I know. Told you so.

If you want more infos, ask our host: on FB or on their website

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