Friday, September 26, 2014

The Lady’s Gagat style

“What ? What happened ? Omg, seriously ?”
Well… yes. SHE came shopping at Gabriele Vintage. Now you’re wondering who, but if you know who was in Brussels this Monday 22nd of September to perform on Grand Place with Tony Bennett, don’t overthink it, that’s her. Yes, Lady G, known for her epic fashion choices, came along on her free afternoon to shop in our boutique!

Believe it or not, she almost spent 2 hours with her three girl friends and bodyguard wondering if the black 50’s jacket would rather match cowboy boots or golden sandals. In fact, an important feature of their styles, beside audacity, is to mix different styles from different periods, silky, transparent, woolen fabrics with leather, don’t hesitate to add different colours in right proportions. A large leather belt with a delicate silk dress for example, was a popular combination.

What do we learn from this? The purpose here is not to tell you how to look like Lady Gaga, but to inspire you to explore and try out new things like she regularly does. This is why we’re so happy of her visit, because she embodies what we’re preaching for decades and gives us the opportunity to say it again:
Live your passion! Dare it! Wear it!

Besides: there are no photos – we respecteded her wish for privacy.

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